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8/22 - UV4 is in the books. All that's left is to write it up.
This one wasn't what we've come to expect from a normal UV, but it got us away, introduced us to gobs of awesome, interesting people, and it was tons of fun.

6/29/2006 - UV4 Update
We met a nice rowdy crew at one of our favorite old haunts (which we haven't been to in many a year). After many fits and starts it looks like we're about ready to go.
We're scheduled for the weekend of August 18-20th. As luck would have it, we'll be headed North thanks to a fabulous spin by Joe. We're not sure if spinning the bottle on top of the pool table was the norm, or if Joe was simply da man. In either event, we didn't get tossed and were able to finish the session.

We were forced to resort to method two in order to determine the starting point, which went over extremely well, given the exuberant crowd waiting to use the billiard table.

You'd think that after 4 years of this, we'd be getting tired of it, or the novelty would wear off.

You'd be wrong. The big discussion this year is not whether we should go, but how quickly we should go.

Strategic planning for UV4 is well under way. Since 2005 turned out to be a tough year, we've had several sessions already, with more to come. We've added more culture this year to the strategic planning sessions.

Some of the conversations around this trip could only be described as desperate. A typical conversation would go as follows:

Tech Weenie 1

What does your calendar look like for the weekends Feb 18/19, or Feb 25/26.And the days around those weekends. I'm thinking UV??

Tech Weenie 2:

Feb will be cold. Takes away some options unless you are interested in roughing it. I don't care. I'll have my new -40 degree sleeping bag by then.

2/18 and 2/25 is out, and the 18th is the conference.

3/18, 4/1, 4/8, 4/16, 5/13, 5/27, 6/1 weekends are open so far.

Tech Weenie 1:

Forget camping in Feb - We'll find suites again.

I don't know if I can wait until March 18th. But I guess we should look around there. I've got 7 weeks vacation this year and intend to use all of it. I'll just take every other Friday off from now until the end of the year.

Tech Weenie 2:

Be a man.
Drink heavy.
You'll make it.


We're very ready for this trip. We even have a new UV-mobile
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Par rot!

Hold on.

Try it again, but this time think of the Batman theme
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Par rot!

Much better. Now back to the vehicle.

We'll be touring/terrorizing the countryside (hopefully) in a 2006 Toyota Corolla (think 40 mpg) with an awesome stereo. It's been outfitted with an Alpine CD deck, four speakers (components up front of course. Duh!), 150 watt amp, 10" subwoofer (the 12" seemed overkill and took up more than half the trunk), capacitor (so the lights don't dim when the sub is kickin'), and an IPOD lashup.

We'll be UVing in musical bliss this go around.
Our motto will be "If it's too loud, then you are too old."