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Pre Trip Thoughts (click here)

UV3 was a serious test of the concept, our ability to consume mass quantities of alcohol, and of our antisocial tendencies. We had faith, however, and the gods provided. This was one awesome trip.

From the unveiling of a new Punishment Parrot, a fun night with Hey! Betty, and running out of country, to phenomenal Garlic Crabs, the search for an official UV libation, and the discovery of yet another miracle of nature (they seem to be following us), we were in the UV groove in record time.

This was the shortest driving excursion to date, finding us with lodging and in a suitable drinking facility by happy hour each day of the trip.

Since we are already squeezed up against the Eastern US and the Atlantic Ocean, East as the direction of this trip truly put the whole mess to the test and proved that we are either creative geniuses who developed a rock solid golden stress parachute, or are simply too simple and feeble minded to deal with the potential reality of this being sheer and utter stupidity.

Staying within the spirit of UV'ing, with our mantra of "UV It", we'll ignore the latter possibility, take the former as gospel, and bask in the glory of our greatness.

We were on a mission from God, and God provided. (see the pre trip info for full buildup).

Hesitate not in reliving our expedition through the links to the left.

Please note that hunt and peck typists like me do take a period of time to complete documentation type tasks. Some sections of UV3 are still in the process of being updated.