Pier One
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Our first watering hole

The first people unfortunate enough to be seated next to us during dinner.

The parrot started getting out of hand.
Kept hitting on the redhead.

Luckily her boyfriend was a Marine and kept him under control.

Personally, I thought he was lucky to get out of there in one piece. Of course, we did have to sew him back together a bit before the night was through.

Nice shot of the back of the band.
We spare no expense on UVs to get you the most in-depth coverage.

The obligatory frontal shot. For artistic sake, I argued against selling out like this, but was overruled.

Hey! Betty was their name, and rock and roll was their game.

One of the highlights of the evening.

Another was delineating and analyzing the differences between artistic talent and design.

It's obvious from this picture that both were in abundant supply.

(Remind me to keep the camera away from the Parrot. Took him almost half an hour to set up this shot. He kept muttering something about F-stops and shadows. Personally, I think he was still recovering from the Marine.)

We were forced to bring along the old Punishment Parrot. The new one stole the car keys and wouldn't give them back till we said he could come.

The hardest working bunch in the place...

...right after the bartenders.
We were on an UV, after all. We did take it a little easy on them, it being the first night and all.

They kept us from migrating down to the local hot spot. We're suckers for a cute bartender who can make a mean cocktail and put up with our crap.

The parrot making friends

He does a mean Dylan impersonation on the harmonica.

This shot was from a little later in the evening. You can tell he had one too many by this time cause he needed help holding the harmonica.

Man, he really knows how to work the bar!

First night's lodging. Not much to say without getting into trouble.

Not a bad view of the bay.
Too bad we were on the other side.

The parrot can carry a mean tune as well.

Good thing too. If he couldn't hold a tune and get hot babes to talk to us, he'd be useless.