Island Beach
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Okay. So it wasn't really the end of the road.

We lied.

So shoot us.

We ran into this park at the end of the road.

Looks just like a picture, doesn't it?

We didn't really lie.
It really was the end of the road.
You had to pay to get in here.
We don't think that any park that charges to get in can be considered part of the public transportation system.

but not a bar in sight

nice sky shot

some birds
looks like they're waiting for something, doesn't it?

more birds
better get your hats on

we were here
and we can prove it

not sure what this was, but it looked interesting at the time we took the shot

Barnegut light house. This is as close as we got to it.

Never expected to see cactus on the beach

You learn something new every day

Followed the sign cause we were curious about the blind birds

they were down this path

out in this field

They didn't do much but sit there.
I guess there isn't much else
for blind birds to do.

the park was a very long, narrow island with a road (did we say it was a non-public road) running down the middle

They put up nice signs so we wouldn't get lost on the one road running down the middle of the island.

There were birds nests for the blind birds.

I would have thought they would have put them closer to the ground so the birds could find them.


You wouldn't think that blind birds could fly very well.

Maybe they are really bats.

This was fairly decent (for not having any bars around)

The road (non-public, of course) ended at this sand road

that went out to the beach

it goes on for a while

and a while

till you get to the beach

no bars, but at least there weren't any people around either

they must have all been helping the blind birds

they probably need all the help they can get

there is plenty of beach and island left after the road ends

We think this is where the aliens visit

the beach is the place to go, after all