Barnegut Bay
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The end of the road

Just to the left of the end of the road

A lovely place

on the beach

nice place to recover after a tough night

full suites and even penthouses available

extremely clean.
Even the bathrooms.
Now this is living!

Comfy beds

our own private balcony

right next to a state park

the nightlife was a bit on the wild side

These guys were actually quite interesting

Real, untamed ducks who just loved the place so much that they just hung out at the pool each summer

We were told they returned each year during their migration back north

Typical beach town. Very nice view of the lot. I believe this is a security feature, or something required by the local code.

More Lilliput housing, except these were for the really tall Lilliputians. Either that or something in the water is causing a growth spurt. I wonder if there are any nuclear power plants or nuclear missile test sites near to account for this.

Maybe the state park is nothing more than a front for something more sinister.

Maybe they moved the captured UFO aliens here from Area 51 when the public started catching on.

As you will see later, it is extremely difficult to get to the end of the state park

You actually have to walk about a mile or more.

That makes it almost impenetrable

Maybe it's an alien landing site so the relatives of the stranded aliens can get visiting rights and conjugal visits.

I love a good conspiracy theory, don't you?

I'm not paranoid, even though everyone's against me.

It's a good thing we had the bars to hang out in, isn't it?

As I said, this place was phenomenal as an UV location.

Here is our own personal beach.

And our own personal view of the kites overhead (well, kind of overhead. They would be overhead if we were under them)

Other assorted bars and restaurants within stumbling distance.

The Bum Rogers.
Really nice bar.
Great crabs, but no shirts.
It's got to be phenomenal during the season.

If you are ever here, definitely go there.

The surrounding area. Pretty barren since it's off season.

Couldn't say it better myself.
And if I could I certainly couldn't
advertise it as well

Did we mention the great rates we got on lodging because it was off season?

More bars and restaurants.
It's UV heaven, baby!

One of our favorite bars located within stumbling distance of the location we stayed.
Made our final stand of the trip here

Color took a while to get used to. As I recall, after four or five drinks, it blended right in.

Because it was there.

Another parrot shot.

Cool stuff scattered throughout, like any good bar.

It gives the clientele something to do instead of thinking about how much money they are spending.

It also gives you something to break the ice with that gorgeous person sitting next to you that probably won't look as good the next morning.

So the money you're spending but not thinking about seems to be well worth it.

I spent most of the money I've ever made on beer and women. The rest I just wasted

Pay very close attention to the next few pics. It highlights how evil the parrot can be.

Here we have our mild-mannered bartender just minding her own business.

Next thing you know, the parrot hustles in.

Things start to turn ugly.

The normally law abiding bartender starts doling out tremendous amounts of alcohol, regardless of the condition of the patrons.
There's not a flag in site.

(Now you know why we take the parrot)

Actually, Jen (in the summer). Sue otherwise. Her name is Sue, but she answers to Wanda or Alex. She's only Wanda on the weekends, was already corrupted.

We fell in love with her because of it, too.

This is a fairly accurate representation of what the bar looked like that night.

At least from what little I can remember.

What? Are his legs broken or something that he can't go by himself?