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Pre-trip strategy notes (click here)

A new strategic planning palace.
I ask you.
Is there any possible way of going wrong with a local fire hall as the strategic planning palace?

A mission from God, and God delivers.
Pushed East, North, then South.
Back and forth, wavering up the coast for a bit.
Breakfast was delivered.
Manna from heaven.

Good food, good drink (quantity is better than quality, I always say) and good conversation, such as:

Her: I love sex!
Me: Really?!?!
Her: With my husband.
Me: Thanks for clarifying and keeping me out of trouble.

A new Punishment Parrot that is just so cool that it isn't truly effective as punishment for planning. The new Punishment Parrot was in high demand, and was shown a great time.

As anticipated, it didn't take long to discover the perfect setting for our annual mega-bender. When your starting point is only an hour and a half from the end of the continent in the direction you are supposed to be traveling, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Barnegut Bay was the final destination, and we landed in the most luxurious accommodations to date. Luckily we were pre beach visiting season, so we got an outrageous bargain on beach front suites.

With five restaurants, four bars, and a state park all within 100 yards of our doors, and the local wildlife hanging out with us at the pool, this location epitomized the essence of an UV location.