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Pre-trip Ruminations

Starting out a little hectic
Running a little late
Tough getting out of bed
Too much stress to get going on an UV???
Ooh, aah, yeah
Some fishy stuff
Yucky pooh
Finally moving
Watch out where the huskies go, Don't you eat that yellow snow
Sage UV advice...never know where that will come in handy

Jersey drivers - beep at you so they can drive down the shoulder

The first glass of cheap Chianti is easy. It's getting down the 3rd that's tough.

The problem with Jersey is that there may be too many roads.

Jersey was tough. More and more and more of the same urban landscape. How many people can you stuff in one damn state?

Drove both ways over the September 11th Memorial Bridge. Same thing happened on the last trip with the Conowingo Dam. We're trend setters!

Two hours, forty minutes... traffic, strip malls, tract housing, bad drivers, rain. Almost makes you thirsty.

Three hours, forty-five minutes... This may be the only way to drive East out of Philadelphia for close to four hours and not hit the ocean.

Chadwick Island, Lilliput, Lavallet, Tom's River, Silver Beach, Seaside Park, Ortley Beach, Normandy Beach.

New parrot. Hush hush. Grand unveiling. Too cool. He had more fun that we did. All in all, though, first night was almost too much fun. Lost the direction slips. Had to pull over to make new ones on the fly. Adapt, overcome, ouch, that hurt. This trip is great.

Hey! Betty. Cool, but wouldn't wear the parrot.

Trying to scam all of the poker money.

Some idiot driving 90 mph in a boat asking for a chocolate martini and the bottle of wine we bought upstairs.

As we began last trip, following are our ratings for a select few items that caught our interest. Ratings do not indicate how good or bad a thing is. It merely reflects our overall experience with it. A rating can be high or low for any number of reasons outside of the control of the item rated.

Frivolaneous Items
UV3 Sound Track
UV Note - coming soon
Chairman's Commission: Official Libation - coming soon

Pier One Restaurant and Bar


Pier One Motel


Barnegut Outhouses

Berkeley Fish Market

Bum Rogers

Island Beach State Park

Island Beach Motor Lodge

Jersey Drivers

Hey! Betty!

Parrot Vocals