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Pre-trip credits.

Aside from all of the regular folks we wish to thank for making this trip possible (families, bosses, co-workers, the IRS, the local, state, and other governments who remove part of our paychecks each week, etc, etc, etc), the following folks from our trip deserve special mention.

Carroll, Lisa, and Bob, bartenders extraordinare.
Lynn and everyone else at the Pier One. Nice place. Good food. Great service. Laughed with us during our stupidity (we hope). If you ever find yourself in Tom's River, New Jersey, mosey on over to the bay, stop in at the Pier One, and tell everyone we said Hi.

The lady with the rooms. We should have known better. Just goes to show you are never too old to learn, and we are grateful for the education.

Jen (in the summer). Sue otherwise. Her name is Sue, but she answers to Wanda or Alex. She's only Wanda on the weekends. (I'll take your money!) Kudos to Jen and every one of her persons for helping us try to decide on an official UV libation and for helping us figure out the shuffleboard.

Jim, the real UV professional. Gets credit for protecting Jen/Sue/Wanda/Alex. Jim and Jen/Sue/Wanda/Alex really made the last evening special.

Jim at the Moose lodge and all the Scouts responsible for the Osprey nests. Never pass up the opportunity to do something for the birds.

The lady at the Pier One who made us feel especially welcome. We would have taken you more seriously if the clientele weren't having such a good time and you two actually talked to someone while you were there.