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The stress...
Sometimes it gets to you...
Even Mickey's susceptible...
The date was set...June 12-14th...

New Acquisitions: One Punishment Parrot...It's perfectly stupid and mildly embarrasing.
Hide the wife and kids...
What new adventures await our intrepid adventurers?
Where will they end up this time and how long will it take them to get there?
Two days to travel five hours...Why would they do it again? Are they idiots?

Our intrepid travelers have successfully achieved a new pinnacle in UV history
We made it out of state.
Almost made it out of two.
(and the crowd goes wild)

Although this trip was shorter (more on that later), it was significantly more successful than UV1. We headed south on 29 legs.

Without any shadow of a doubt, we were highly successful in getting away. We never in a million years would have thought to visit Accokeek, Maryland.
Have you ever been to Accokeek, Maryland?
Do you have any inkling of what is there?

Well, we don't either, cause we ended up in Indian Head, Maryland. But we never would have thought to go there either.