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Day 1I did not follow the driving rules, I just drove around making turns whenever I felt like. The only thing I wanted to do was go somewhere I had never been and meet people I have never met.

My travels took me all over southern PA and northern MD. I can't do a map because I did not write down the roads I traveled. I saw the Amish people raising a barn (very cool), a flooded river and boat dock, and, of course, many, many, many cornfields.


I pulled in tired and still hung-over from the UV 3 planning session the night before (note to self not to do that again).

Thunderstorms are immanent, and flooding is expected, so no camping on this trip. The location was in accordance with UV rules – sleeping area within walking distance to bar and restaurant. The fact that it was right of I-80 is not important it was clean and quite. This was after all The "State Line Motel."


I ate dinner at the Black Steer Family Restaurant

(must be a good place – there is a Bull on the roof that that shoots jets of fire every so often). The food was great but I was ready for bed. While going to bed early is not typically something that happens on UV trips, I was tired and had no one to report to.

Day 2Well I slept in very late, picked up the local paper, and read it, and watched a little TV. Drove around for a good lunch spot, and found one. Had lunch, dive around some more, and then back to the Hotel. It has been raining constantly since I got here, so a side trip to Gettysburg is out. Anyway, afternoon turned into evening and it was time to have dinner. Back to the Black Steer I go. Now THIS is where the trip becomes a true UV experience…

I had the great opportunity to meet Bill K. – the proprietor of the Black Steer Family Restaurant.

It all started in the typically UV way - to meet people you've never met in a place you've never been – just open your mouth.

Bill K. is from Greece. He is married to a wonderful woman named Lena and the story goes like this:

After a great steak dinner (I recommend the sirloin tips) and a Ĺ carafe of Cab Sauvignon I was beginning to feel this was the perfect UV "place" (a family restaurant with excellent food and beverages, at a reasonable price, and nice folks I have never met) and just had to introduce myself to the ownership and thank them for a great time. I quickly explained this to my waitress (Brenda),

as I sipped some more wine, who I was and what I was doing. Then asked if I could take a few pictures of the place. I knew this might require executive approval so I asked if I could talk to the owner. Brenda went to discuss my request with the owner and to my delight brought back Lena. After I explained what UV was, and she viewed our website, see agreed to let me take some pictures.


There was a birthday party going on and all the staff had gone over to sing the lucky customer a song.


It was after this, and another glass of wine, that I got to meet Bill K. Now Bill is a very interesting and unique person. He has run the Black Steer, with a lot of help from his wife Lena, for the last 10 years. Now I don't know much about Greek culture, but when I was invited back to his office,


I felt this was an honor. Or perhaps it was because the conversation we were about to have would best be kept out of a "family restaurant."

Bill and I spoke for about 2 Ĺ hours. During this time I learned about a man I had never met, who runs a place I have never been. If that is not a true UV experience, I do not know what is. Having said that – there is an observation I would like to share. I won't bore you with the many details of our conversation, but what Bill had to say made me think, hard. I think what impressed me most was that a "Man from Greece, living in the cornfields" [his words] can understand what is going on in this country, and the world, with such clarity. Bill speaks with energy and enthusiasm, and I enjoyed every minute of our conversation, and the wine. In the true UV spirit, Bill made me remember that life is not to be taken lightly, and regardless of what you think, who you are, or what your beliefs, we are all part of the same community. Ask questions; think about what you see and hear, then make up your own mind. Then stop by the Black Steer for a really good meal.

It turned out pretty good. I would like to thank all of the people I met along the way – especially Bill K., and the guy who brought me a new remote control for the TV in my hotel room.

Day 3  – Slept in late, checked out of the hotel, and headed home. Does anyone know what a wine hangover feels like??

More Visuals:

The Hotel:




The Salad bar 




 The traffic Jam:



The Bar Restaurant is a stumbling distance from the Hotel