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This section of the site is dedicated to rule enhancement and clarification. Each item listed has been UV tested and certified under stringent, real-world conditions. Learn from the mistakes of others who have gone before, or ignore at your own risk.

  • When the road on which you are traveling dead ends into another road, otherwise known as a T in some circles, flip a
    coin. Heads indicates that you should turn left and tails indicates you should turn right.
  • Signs that say "To" should be disregarded as valid legs, since they usually lead to major highways and tend to lead in circles, eddies, and quagmires.
  • If you find an area that seems right, and it is likely that the perfect UV location is near, feel free to suspend the rules to wander around. Avoid planning when wandering, however. The Punishment Parrot remains in force.
  • When there are two routes listed on the same sign or for the same exit, the official UV route is the one that is listed first, which will usually be the one on the top or to the left, unless you happen to be UV'ing in a country where they drive on the wrong side of the road.
  • Predicting is allowed, with one caveat. There is a fine line between planning and predicting, and for the weak-minded and uninitiated predicting generally leads to planning. So we recommend avoiding predicting at all costs even though it won't carry a punishment sentence.