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Things to ponder.

Please submit feedback. We're not that smart and need all the help we can get.

  • Should detours count toward legs of the trip?
  • Should spouses and children tag along?
  • Are scallops wrapped in bacon also known as Devils on Horseback?
  • The basic rules. Good, bad, or indecent?
  • During UV1, a vision descended. We were awestuck (sic)...


    We needed something stupid, funny, and mildly embarrassing to wear in public as punishment for planning.

    The punishment parrot was born! Ta Da!!!

    The punishment parrot will be a parrot stuffed animal attached to a shirt, sweater, or vest. The parrot was chosen as a tie-in to Jimmy Buffet. How it got tied in is tucked away beyond recall among the feeble recesses of my mind.

    We know we want to use it, but we still haven't quite figured out all the details. Some of the many questions that now need to be answered (feel free to submit any others):
    • How should the punishment parrot be used?
    • How long does one need to be subjected to the punishment parrot?
    • Under what circumstances would the punishment parrot be waived?
    • Is the punishment parrot sufficient punishment for planning?