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When people ask where you are going on vacation, tell them to UV Off. (If they are far larger than you, you might consider being extremely nice when doing so).

You are likely to get one of two reactions to this dialog. The first is that the person may become offended. In this case you should feel yourself fortunate as these folks are the most likely to pester you about what you are really going to do, and won't get it anyway, so in our opinion, you are better off UVing these losers early.

The second reaction is likely to be something along the lines of "Hey baby, I like it when you talk to me like that." Now take it from us. These are the folks (assuming they are of the gender that is of your normal preference) that you definitely want involved.

The key to UVing lies in the Prime Directive.

Prime Directive – The sole purpose of the vacation is to get away. It is not to go somewhere. This means that a destination, or anything that leads toward thinking about a destination, is forbidden.

This is much harder to put into practice than it first appears. Everyone says they are going on vacation to get away, but in reality everyone goes somewhere for vacation. Any sheep out there who want to break out of the herd can do so by using our example.

For those sorry sods who can't stand the wait, or are appalled at the wordiness of this site, the UVing concept is basically a way to randomize the destination of a vacation. Lushes that we are, the concept of a road trip as the vehicle (so to speak) for the trip appealed to us.

Rules for UVing:

 - The journey must not end in a location that anyone in the group has ever spent more than four hours in. Driving through, eating, getting gas, and using the facilities are valid exceptions.

 - Although no drinking is allowed in transit, a makeup period will be provided upon arrival.

 - Itineraries are strictly forbidden. Advanced planning for activities will be punished. The only items not subject to punishment are:

    where to decide direction
    dates of travel
    how to return

 - Maps are forbidden, except to determine the first leg of the outbound journey, to determine where the heck you ended up, and to figure out how to get back. During the UV trip, it is allowable to reference a map to determine where you are, but under no circumstances is the map to be used to determine where to proceed next. That would constitute planning, which is punishable under UV law.

 - If members of the group are overcome by thirst during the trip, it is legal to break the trip into multiple phases, stopping for victuals and continuing on succeeding days. It is acceptable to allow remaining legs to go unused, as long as all other rules are adhered to.

To learn how to UV properly, simply follow the guidelines on the Directions page.