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The Fisherman

Recently I had the urge to go fishing. Since I had not gone since childhood, and needed the proper equipment, I decided I had better peruse the catalog from a local outfitter.

Something seriously strange has happened in this hobby.

Looking through the various rod and reel combinations, I was struggling to figure out what all of the different types were for.

I came across the Whuppin Stick Crappie Combo.

My first thought was, "Why would anyone want to buy a crappie fishing rod and reel combo. My second was, "I guess I could take it to work. It would fit in well with my crappie job."

Then I came to the section with fisherman luggage. The one that jumped right out at me was a wheeled travel bag. The top half of the bag held your travel clothes. Directly below that, in the next section, was the tackle area.

Now if there is anything I remember from fishing in my youth, it was that you had better be prepared whenever Dad would open the tackle box. If you weren't quick enough to take a deep breath and hold it, you'd risk asphyxiation from the ungodly fish smell.

For only $180, I could travel in style with the latest in haute couture - ode d'halibut.

Next up was the Woolly Bugger Assortment. Now I've come across a woolly bugger or two during my camping outings, and they weren't anything that I'd ever want an assortment of.

After the woolly buggers was the Minnow Life Support System. People have too much money. Instead of spending the $250, they should just use worms.

I gave up after that as I had a headache. I went to get a beer.