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At this point you are asking several very important, yet totally irrelevant questions, such as:

Is this for real?

Who the hell are these guys?

What does UV mean?

Where do I sign up?


The answers are fairly straightforward. The responsibility for this oddity lies with a couple of folks who worked for an obscure Fortune 500 company. The economy and the current state of affairs on the US business landscape had the two of us pushed to the edge. After many, many long months of semi-voluntary self-abuse, the standard relief mechanism (drinking) had lost its effectiveness. The situation was serious. We were desperate. We needed to get away.

So we devised Destination Unknown Vacation. Since we're techie weenie type geeks, we couldn't live without utilizing an acronym, and DUV was born.

In the deep dark recesses of history, one of these tech weenies came up with the bright idea of going on vacation without the hassle of planning anything.
A direction was chosen...
The weenie was off...
The weenie screwed it up.(have you noticed that tech weenies tend to have trouble getting it right on the first try?)

The difficulty of not planning during vacation was underestimated by the weenie. Rules were made on the fly and then promptly broken. The other weenie couldn't figure it out. So the rules were written down.

We barely survived.

Upon sobering, we realized what a stupid name DUV was (in addition to the fact that the url was already taken), so we came up with a much, much, much better name...UV.



Isn't that better? Of course it is. If you don't believe us, just ask anybody.

And here we are.

And now for the final important irrelevant question. There is no signing up. If this site interests you, feel free to drop in now and then as we will be posting STUFF. We'll start with STUFF from the trips we've taken. If you choose to embark on your own UV and wish to participate, we'll gladly put up any pictures, stories, or anything else you care to send, limited only by site storage limitations and our simple-minded attempt to stay out of trouble.

We will consider any submitted material during our own UV trips. However, keep in mind that UVing being what it is, we can't guarantee anything.